Board Members & Contacts


 2019 Three Rivers Swim Club Board Members



Manager Andy Schroeder 608-9269
President Scott Rogers (224)-227-1345
Vice President Kari Conners 505-0089
Treasurer John Siemer 608-0542
Secretary Amy Meyer 374-2401
Current Membership

Current Membership

Ron Klosterman

Andy Paff



New Membership Mike Zimmer 703-3389
Pool and Grounds (inside the fence)  John Brandt  324-2979
Campground and Lake Area (outside the fence) John Yungbluth 383-6356
Activities Shawna McQuillan 659-5153
Website Andy Paff 377-8035
Other Contacts
Head Swim Team Coach Brad Ohmer 941-7370
Swim Team Reps Katie Spinney 941-7370
Sarah Ginn 941-7370
Dive Team Steve Meyer 941-9509
Grounds Jerry Palmer 941-7370

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